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Do what you love.

Sell what you do.

Learn how to find the kind of work you enjoy by learning to sell your experience and ekspertise. There is demand for what you do – learn how to find the people who need your help, get their interest in what you can do, and develop, propose, and secure consulting engagements.

Become the best salesperson by learning to sell what you know best: yourself.

There are tons of cliches about selling, but a few really help change the mindset for those who were deathly afraid of selling (or worse, thought it was sleezy or slimy).

In the late 1990s, I opened a fortune cookie and found a message that I photocopied and placed in every employee’s mailbox at our company. It wasn’t a fortune at all – which is a pet peeve – but the message sticks with me today: “The easiest way to sell: make it easy to buy.”

Selling isn’t about getting people to invest in something they don’t want or need, it’s about uncovering their needs and aligning what you have to solve their problem. It’s also about recognizing when you can’t solve their problem, admitting it, and recommending another solution. Most of my career I’ve helped professionals who are the best at what they do reframe their thinking about how they “consult” versus “sell.”

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